Recently, I popped into the Department of English and History to discuss the upcoming academic year (Yes! we really do start that early!) and as a result of a brief conversation about what the department needs from Learning Technology, we came up with a great idea for me to be based in the department for portions of time through the two upcoming busy marking weeks.

Turnitin, Grade Mark, Grade Centre and Learning Edge can become a little overwhelming when all those submissions land.  So the best way to support academics was for me (as the Learning Technology Development Officer for English & History) to be stationed in the department during certain times.

Quite often a problem or question can be solved so easily by simply saying – “could you just take a look at this?”  Usually at the end of a phone or email it seems like it’s a game of 20 questions just to get to the beginning so that you’re both at the some point.  Being able to quickly pop into a tutor’s office or to quickly bring it up on a PC together cuts out so much description time!

I also had the chance to meet some colleagues who I’ve never had the pleasure to meet before.  We worked through lots of interesting ideas and Learning Edge ‘wish lists’, tackled some little (and some bigger!) problems that staff had had and all in a very timely manner and no hot ear from being on the phone for 20 minutes!

I had the company of Sheila Lewis in the admin department and the staff made me feel very welcome while I was there. I was even treated to a home-made custard cream!  (Thanks Andy!)

As a result I now know the department even better than before!  They know the areas I can help them with and hopefully the marking regime was a little easy.  In addition, I’ve committed myself to a game of ‘Marrying Mr Darcy’ one lunchtime at the end of June!

If you have a particular interest in having a member of LTD stationed in your department at key times during the year, speak to your departmental LTDO (listed below) and find out if they can be on location for you to help ease any technology woes!

David Callaghan
Mark Wilcock
Education CPD and Health PPE
Peter Beaumont
Martin Baxter
Media, Geography, Biology, Business, Social Sciences, Psychology, Law & Criminology
Carol Chatten
Computing, English and History, Sports, Performing Arts, Clinical Education



Carol Chatten
Learning Technology Development Officer