Come along to the LTD office to use our Hot Desk PCs.

FlyerCoverThe Hot Desk PCs have dual screen monitors for working with Blackboard and creating graphic, audio and video materials for teaching and learning.  They are loaded with teaching and learning software such as iSpring and Camtasia, and have high quality microphones and headphones.  We also have a laptop that you can take out on short term loan when you want to continue your content development or create your audio or video recordings in a quiet spot.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the desks is the location – in the heart of the LTD team – surrounded by colleagues brimming with ideas about how to make your online courses engaging, effective and enjoyable.

Please contact the LTD Team, email [email protected] (01695 650754), or come along to the top floor of the LINC building and see what we have to offer.

We all look forward to seeing and working with you.