• Learning Edge Upgrade 20-21 July 2014 – What’s coming this summer

    The summer is on the horizon, bringing with it not only better weather but a better Learning Edge too! We are currently working with Blackboard to introduce a number of new features which will improve your experience and use of Learning Edge. The upgrade will introduce exciting innovations as well as improvements to core capabilities, some […]

  • Award Winning Staff Development!

    Learning Services have been named a winner of the 2014 Blackboard Catalyst Award programme for Staff Development, which honours all those involved who have leveraged Blackboard technologies to internally support the ‘Developing Digital Excellence’ program and those who delivered an array of professional and innovative training sessions to Edge Hill University staff. The Staff Development […]

  • Developing Digital Excellent staff development programme

    Here is your chance to get involved in our award winning programme.  Sorry couldn’t resist mentioning we have won a prize!. (There will be more news and information in a blog post next week when Mark Wilcock gets back from the Blackboard Conference with the award). We have a number of events in May within […]