The Higher Education edition of the Horizon Report always comes out this time of year, and is worth a read if you’re interested in emerging technologies and their impact on teaching, learning and research.

The 2014 edition of the report is split into three sections. Key Trends looks at things like the growth of social media use and the potential to personalise online learning environments. Significant Challenges looks at things like the need for digital fluency and the challenge of scaling innovations. Important Developments looks at things like flipped classrooms and learning analytics.

On the 20th of May we’ll be doing our annual session where we present on some of the technologies and ideas covered in the report, and encourage discussion. You’ve got plenty of time to have a read before then. If there is a particular aspect of the report you’d like to focus on in the session let us know and we’ll try to include it.

If you want to join us in May, why not book on using the Staff Learning and Development Event Bookings system.


Peter Beaumont
Learning Technology Development Officer