As more of our students are using devices such as iPads and iPhones – which do not have Microsoft packages installed – we need to change the way we save items in eShare so that students can view them whichever device they are using.

 PDF is the way forward!

There’s a simple solution – save your document as a PDF, then upload it to eShare.







If you already have a document saved in eShare in a Microsoft package such as Word follow these step-by-step instructions to swap the document without losing the URL.

Remember, if you want students to access documents, you must set the Viewing Permissions to ‘University’ or ‘World’.

viewing permissions eshare

If you have any queries regarding eShare or would like to arrange a group or 1:1 training session please contact [email protected].

Michelle O'Connell


Michelle O’Connell

Academic Liaison Librarian