app-updatesDo you update your apps?

With obvious alerts to let you know when an app update is available, this might seem like a strange question, but not everybody updates.

I, for example, have an embarrasing nummber of app updates waiting for my attention, because I, “just haven’t got around to it yet”. I know I ought to do it, but I only really make time to update when I know it will fix a problem that’s been annoying me, or if I like the look of a new feature. Mobile Learn 4.0 is one of those anticipated app updates – let me explain why …

Blackboard Mobile Learn™ 4.0 Coming Soon!
Provisional release date: August 26th

The new version update will do away with the old cork-board and replace it with a fresh new ‘clean’ design, display a wider variety of rich content styles (including, bold, italics, underline, bullets, block quotes, links, images etc.), introduce the ability to personalise course list (by hiding, coloring, and reordering courses) AND ‘favorite‘ different areas of the app for quick access!

Blackboard Mobile Learn Screenshots

Check out the full feature list in this new guide


Mobile Learn 4.0 Feature Guide


Look out for the update next month, and let us know what you think!

Contact the Learning Technology Development team to share any queries or comments you have regarding the new app.  Help us by leaving a comment below. Email [email protected] or call 01695 650754.

Meg Juss, Learning Technology Development Manager


Meg Juss
Learning Technology Development Manager