With the imminent conclusion of Semester 2 on the horizon and marking being at an increasingly busy time we’ve had quite a number of calls regarding the premature release of grades to students.  Many pieces of work will be submitted and marked over this period and after Easter – using many different e-assessment tools to do so.

There are currently 3 main tools available for e-submission of assignments (not including gradeable tools such as blogs, wikis, journals and tests.  These are [Blackboard] Assignment, Turnitin and Assignment Handler.

There’s also the Grade Centre that collates the grades and feedback in a table for tutors to refer to and also My Grades for students to view their marks and feedback.  If using [Blackboard] Assignment or Turnitin, you will have to do the following if you wish to prevent students seeing their grades too early;

  1. Hide My Grades and Tools from your Programme or Module area.  It comes as default in most areas.
  2. Hide the column (from users) in the Grade Centre of the grades until they are ready to be released.

If you are using Assignment Handler [Edge Hill Assignment] then it will do all the work for you as long as when you set it up you put in the correct ‘release’ details.



There is a guide available to help you set up your assignments and columns correctly.  It is worth doing this now for your end of term submissions!

More information about managing the columns in Grade Centre can be found in this document.

This gives details on how to hide or show columns in the tutor view of the Grade Centre as opposed to hiding the grades to students (as in the above document).

Please share this information with your colleagues as it may also help them in managing their eSubmissions.  If you have any further queries, please contact either your Learning Technology Development Officer or LTD support on [email protected]



Carol Chatten

Learning Technology Development Officer