Where’s the subscribe button gone?








Blackboard 9.1 Discussion Board Forum – Subscription Button

You may or may not have noticed that the Subscribe button has recently taken a break from its duties. Well you’ll be happy to know you can fix this!

In Control Panel open customisation and click on Tool Availability.





Within the Tool Availability list scroll down and find Email.Put a tick in the Available check box (first check box).


Now as long as you have set the subscribe property in the Forum settings, users will once again be able to subscribe to your forum.








John Langford
Learning Technology Systems Officer

Blackboard Mobile and Clinical Education

I was recently asked to present on how the Clinical Education programme uses Blackboard Mobile to deliver their blended learning courses to students.  Unfortunately I couldn’t be there on the day – so I made a video to demonstrate instead.

The video demonstrates how the Clinical Education programme organises it’s Blackboard course to be mobile friendly to the students studying on the modules.  As busy doctors, working long days and looking after families they find it difficult to get dedicated time to study and so the introduction of Blackboard Mobile Learn has enabled them to record their reflections at times that may ordinarily be lost – travelling, in between shifts or at coffee breaks.

Using the mobile friendly tools enables an excellent user experience for the students where they are able to communicate with each other through online discussion forums or profile blogs, keep up to date with reading materials from the PDF content or receive announcements about upcoming key dates or activities.

Watch the video to see and learn how clinical education do things the mobile way!

 Clinical Education iPad Tour – Edge Hill University



Carol Chatten
Learning Technology Development Officer