Are you a member of staff who wants to connect even more with your students who are using their mobile devices?

This development session, as part of the Learning Services Developing Digital Excellence staff development programme, could be perfect for you.

Join us on Thursday 25th October 12.00pm – 1.00pm.  We are starting in the Staff Development training room on the 2nd Floor of the LINC but from there it’s out on a field trip. 

Blackboard Mobile Learn has now been available for over a year and we have seen use by both students and staff increase significantly in that time.

This session will take you through where you can use mobile potentially in your teaching, learning, training and support to demonstrate the appeal it has to its users.

We will be taking you on a mobile field trip to collect resources, materials and ideas using your mobile phone or device (or you can borrow one for the session) to upload to Blackboard.

Book your place via the HR wiki

 Rachel Bury Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Communications and Marketing