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Communication – Blackboard 9.1 offers new opportunities for using social communication tools including Journals, blogs and wikis.  The main difference between a blog and a journal is that blogs tend to be used for group debate and to comment, and the Journal tool for individual reflection.  Journals offer a personal writing space for self-reflection and private communication with the instructor, whereas blogs and wikis tend to be used as collaborative and social tools.

Private Journal – The Journal’s uses include reflection on personal growth throughout the semester, record things learned on a field trip, a place for expressing yourself, documenting clinical experiences, and points that are private.

Public Journal –Although journals offer a private place of communication between student and instructor, they can also be made for sharing with the rest of the group so that others in the group are able to read the journal, but they cannot comment on it.

Click on the video link for help creating a Journal link in Blackboard 9.1                    Video Guide – Creating a Journal for staff

Want to findout more about the Journal tool?  Contact the Learning Technology Development Team on: 01695 650 754 (or internal 7754)

Martin Baxter (Learning Technology Development)