Emerging Technologies Session: Using Audio and Video in Teaching and Learning

The next session in the Emerging Technologies staff development series will be an overview of using audio and video with your students.

It will run on Wednesday 7th December between 1 and 2pm and you can book on the staff development pages.

We’ll look at six possible uses of audio and video:

  • Online sessions
  • Recording sessions
  • Accessing educational content
  • Creating educational content
  • Student created content
  • Assignment feedback

The aim of the session is to help you think through what is possible, and what the benefits and challenges might be. We won’t have time to talk about all the technical details in the session, but will be able to provide more specific support and guidance after the session.

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Peter Beaumont
Learning Technologist

Emerging Technologies Staff Development Monday 21 November 2011 – The Right Image For Blackboard

Want to learn how to make your images more accessible?

By optimising them you are creating a resource which is both less demanding on Blackboard and eShare storage and also more usable by your intended audience.

Image optimisation is using the most compressed (smallest file size) which remains visually acceptable for the specific role of the image.

This session aims to demonstrate some simple techniques to optimise images using Microsoft programmes.

Book on to this session by emailing Staff Development.

[email protected]