• The End Of The Beginning.

    “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” (Churchill, 1942) The hard work of Learning Technology Development and Faculty of Education teams begins to pay off this week as the end of the first phase of staff development workshops […]

  • Training and support

    As many staff will be aware, we’re in the process of moving over to ‘Learning Edge’ (Blackboard 9.1). Many of our academic teams have already received training on the new system as part of the ‘systems migration’ and we are arranging additional sessions in consultation with each faculty….contact your faculty champions for more details of […]

  • Introducing eShare

        eShare is a repository for managing the universities growing volume of digital teaching and learning content for its use within Blackboard. Why use eShare? a digital home for teaching and learning resources enables better management of the lifecycle of teaching and learning resources easily upload, download and share resources store your presentations, videos, images and […]

  • Common misconceptions in Blackboard 9.1 (Learning Edge) part 1

    Over the past few months we have had a few queries arise from members of staff about what to expect in Blackboard 9.1 Learning Edge.  We have started collating some of these and hope to answer them here. “I have to let my Learning Technologist know about which areas I need creating for next year” All […]

  • Making things happen: behind the scenes (part 2)

    In our last post we focused on the Learning Services team and their roles in the technical development and staff training for Blackboard 9.1. This time, we thought we’d introduce the colleagues who work with our Learning Technologists, David Callaghan and Adrian Cain: Kevin English (Assistant Registrar, Data Management & User Support Team, Academic Registry), […]