We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front as the team’s energies have been focused on the round of consultative workshops we have begun. So far, we have run them for teaching staff in the Faculties of Education and Health and with Central Support staff. The workshops are generating lots of discussion and ideas which are being captured and analysed by the team. Next up is the workshop for the Faculty of Arts and Science (next week) and still in the pipeline is a workshop with students.

It doesn’t end there either! SOLSTICE are repeating their survey into students’ perceptions and expectations of technology-enhanced learning at Edge Hill. This is due to launch in the next week or so (watch this space). You may be interested in reading the results of last year’s survey.

We will also be following up the staff consultation workshops with a survey for all staff. Hopefully, nopbody should feel left out of the consultation.

If you can’t wait to get your voice heard, we’re happy to take your comments via this blog.