Fly away on Venga Airway

A bit of a early blog post for this week. Tomorrow night i fly to Ibiza for the week. A post 21st celebration and a little bit of a treat for doing well in the dissertation ( a cheeky first). We don’t actually get our final results until next Friday ( while we’re on holiday) . So it could potentially be a really bad spell of holiday blues.

The Everton park pageant is this Tuesday , so i will miss the forecast rain and set up in high gales. Unfortunatley i will be sat on a beach with a cocktail. But ive asked the designer girls to take photos so i shall put them up next week for you to see.

Congratulations to everyone who got their results back this week. The marks where well deserved!!


Packing up Whittling Down

After the exhausting exhibition week which could only be described as a blur, its now time to clear out all of the design studio’s, pack up and get going!

Currently house hunting for a place in Liverpool for the Hope Street Festival, anyone got any ideas of 2 bedroom flats which are dirt cheap/ live-able let us know!

Nicky Speed and Nicola Gaskell from Edge Hill have both done a run up article on the exhibition.

Here’s a documentation of my shockingly bad hair day…


Thank you for everyone’s kind comments and to those who came last week.


Design and Visual Exhibition

A mad few days for us all. A set up, launch party and private view …excessive cakes and few too many glasses of wine. Thanks to everyone who helped and came along to show their support. I couldn’t have done it without you!

The exhibition is still running until Friday! so if you can make it down to Edge Hill we are in Hale Memorial Hall just on the way through to the Hub. ( you can’t miss it!)

Heres a few cheeky snaps i took today. Its well worth the trip.

We’ve only gone and done it…

Last week myself and good friend Jim Hendley went for an interview in Liverpool for the post of ‘Hope Street Festival Emerging Artist.’

The full time programme gives opportunities for budding artists in all fields of performance to work with the worlds leading. Hope street encourages pushing the boundaries with site-specific performance to create innovative work.

After a nail biting two days wait we received the email that would decide our fate for the next 6 months. Jim is now Creative Director on the programme and have been given the position of Designer.

In the midst of a dissertation project , it all seems to be happening at once!

The position begins June 11, we will be working on a number of performances . A site specific piece inspired by Monet, Turner, Trombly exhibition in collaboration with the  Tate. ‘Innovasion 2’, in partnership with Liverpool Biennial, taking place in Everton and a mini- Olympics as part of the hope street festival.

The programme is intended to give key skills to apply yourself professionally. It has certainly given me a bit more confidence in myself. The idea of the 9-5 in Bury was just not an option.

So in a month or so time, its time to find a place to live in liverpool!

Sleep is for the weak

The last couple of weeks /the next following i will be surviving on minimum hours sleep, biscuits, crisps, coffee, chewing gum and energy level stimulus. I might even document it as durational performance so you can all watch me slowly deteriorate over time. It’s the final chapter of my University life and as much work as i have on… im determined to and WILL enjoy them. Its a extremely positive time with the amount of projects I have on but also a sad time to think I will be leaving the creative hub of design studio 3 (which was recently customized into a living space : couches, tables, blankets, mugs, hideous 1970’s office desk) admittedly we’ve all fallen asleep at least once in there amongst the debris of paper mache and paint; or spent 16 hours in there forgetting that you have a home to go to.

Next week is my dissertation project ‘TITS, WOMBS, MONITORS and para -SITES : The Instability Of Flesh‘ at Southport Open Skies Gallery…then theres the minor issue of a graduate degree show to pull together and a job interview tomorrow.

Higher powers only know how I’ve done it but ive managed to construct a website, buisness cards and portfolio in the space of  a weekend. But when you’ve got to do these things you get them done.

If anyones interested – Here’s my website!



Burscough Car Boot

A glorious Sunday morning and a little trip to the car boot. Im a nightmare hoarder especially when it comes to unusual junk that wont fit in anywhere in my modest student house… and will almost certainly collect dust and consume my very existence.

Car boots are little treasure troves for any set designer. Last year we visited the car boot for props for the show ‘Fear and Misery’ (a second year drama production directed by Bill Hopkinson). Its dirt cheap and if your luckily you can find the perfect rusty spoon, walking stick or 1940’s smoking tin that might just put the finishing touches to your design.

The car boots a three minute drive from the University. Today was an indulgent grab a bargin day i wasn’t looking for anything specific but still managed to make a few purchases.

For anyone visiting the UCAS event I will be there with fellow student ambassador Chris Lawson in Wrexham tomorrow. Come and talk to us about the courses available at Edge Hill University.,Burscough,+Lancashire&cid=0,0,287713275041286832&ei=6TxvT63aGMSp0QWVwIyMCQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CAsQ_BI

UCAS events

The Student Recruitment Team  are on the road over the next few months attending UCAS events across the country. As a student ambassador i will be joining them on a number of these events. We will be giving advice and guidance to prospective students and parents about all aspects of Higher Education and Edge hill Univesity. All  This week i am in Cornwall and Exeter with the UCAS. If anyone is down there come and speak to us!

Visit the UCAS and edgehill  website for the full list of events.


New Year and Christmas Eve

I’ve such a relaxed Christmas at home. I only live 40 minutes away from Edge Hill but its a rare occurrence that i come home to see the family. Getting home usually involves a train with 20 bags in tow or a pleasant phone call to a family member.


The advent of New Year is always a daunting prospect and new years eve is something I dread. You’ve either got 5 geographically challenging places to go all at once or youve got no plans at all ( and if this is such the case, this is when you need to start panicking). I cannot wait to get to the age where its acceptable to sit in and do absolutley nothing on such a pre-apocalyptic style evening. You spend 2 weeks flapping about the event, make a lot of promising resolutions which you then inevitably break when you fall drunk into the calorific chocolate fountain at 12.15. It costs too much, its anti-climatic and it reminds you that your are miserable and single.

In spite, the plan is to return to Liverpool, with a pre-fancy dress party in Wigan. I don’t live in Wigan or Liverpool so will need to think about hiring the magic carpet before the plans go ahead. The theme is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ so im getting my costume skills in place again and hopefully creating something fantastical . Liverpool is so close to Ormskirk so my house-mates and i ill be able to stay at home after all the antics!

I hope everyones has had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


For sale!

Scary thought this week. The landlord has visited our house today with four viewers. It seems only yesterday that we were moving in! Houses go so quickly in Ormskirk its ideal to start looking December time before they all go. Prices vary from around £65 – £90 pw, with some including bills. Most of them are really close to the University as well , which is ideal. Edge Hill provide a list of houses and approved landlords. If you pop into the SIC building the accommodation team are more than happy to help you with moving.


Barney the dinosaur, human bananas, zombie cheerleaders and don’t you dare touch those antlers…

Halloween has become one of my favourite days of the year , a close rival to Christmas. Its the only day i can indulge in four hours of ‘getting ready’ to achieve a look that should happen at the end of a night. Ian Jones my fellow costume designer accompanied me on out travels.

Our Halloween adventure brought us to Circus Rebel rave in The Masque ,Liverpool. An enticing line up of  Jamie Jones Visionquest feat: Seth Troxler, Yousef Damian Lazaru. meant i forked out a bank busting £22 for the privledge of entering the door. The Masque venue is spectacular but even more so with  with  hundreds of ghoulish characters bopping away in the theatre.

However after a good four hours of energetic dancing we didn’t realise the clocks had gone back and it was still quite early . We were all worn out, sweaty and ears throbbing. So we hot footed it to the after show party at the Magnet and happened to be the first ones in… and the only ones in fancy dress. In hindsight we had much more fun at the after party. There was a bit more room to move and a relaxed atmosphere compared to the mass of painted sweaty bodies in Circus.

What’s everyone wearing this Halloween? post some pics below!