Photos are up!

Here are some of the photos taken by Helen Newall for Friday’s exhibition/performance. The performance went exceptionally well with an unexpected turn out! we had to repeat the performance 3 times in fact! Up an coming is the 3rd years manifesto exhibition which will take place this thursday morning. The manifesto is something you will undertake in your 3rd year. Its a creative exploration of your own practice, which may be in poster form, an essay or even a performance itself. Plenty to be getting on with this week then and even more exciting photos to come!

The Final Frontier :Costume

The final week of costume is drawing to end. I don’t know whether to panic, celebrate or cry! Working with Louise Anne Wilson has been a thoroughly enjoyable process as well as collaborating with students from different disciplines such as Drama and Dance. Edge Hill Performing arts department allow you to choose diverse modules to contribute to your degree, so some of the students from Dance, Drama and Visual Theatre alike have been able to take costume as a module choice and they have thoroughly enjoyed it too!

The costume module has interrogated blurring the boundaries between costume, installation, performance and art what id being revealed is really extraordinary. Our work culminates in a presentation of our own costume on Friday. I’ve been looking into breast enhancement and surgically attaching myself to the sewing machine. Sounds bonkers but hopefully it will all come together in performance . Here are some photos from the groups process. I will upload pictures from the groups performance after Friday. enjoyx


Pushing The Boundaries

Its just dawned on me how far third year is pushing me as a practising artist. Until now i have always thought of myself as solely a designer but have never pushed myself as personally as im about to do in costume. Its gradually being revealed how closely performance, art, design and space interlace. Costume is not just something you wear it becomes an extension of the body in space.  Some of my classmates are experiencing a very similar journey through confronting their own bodies and interpretations of identity.

I spent Saturday night plastering Ian Jones’ ( Third year design student’s) naked torso in mod rock for his own project. The whole process was very messy and involved a lot of torturous waiting around for the sodden thing to dry. (I am yet to receive permission to post the photos for obvious reasons)

Lucy McRae abd Bart Hess explore genetic manipulation of the body. The mutated body is something which is malleable and tactile structurally engaging with its environment .

Last week i spent an hour trying to attach my body to a sewing machine (And yes it does sound silly when i write it) . What was revealed was the direct relationship i had with the sewing machine with my body . I started to question the process of making a garment …the cutting….the pinning….the stitching. What would happen if my body went through the same process? Although i had taped a ball of screwed paper to my chest i began to thread though the surface and puncture the material with safety pins. Daringly i then put the pins through my actual fingers….It didn’t hurt…and of course it didn’t hurt because it was dead skin. But I’d never intentionally put something in my skin before and the whole experience was quite surreal.  I have negative association’s of a boy called Nathan at school taking pins off the board , putting them through his hands and parading them in-front of squeamish girls.

This week i will be looking into the latest Silicone Scandal inlvolving the breast ‘Butcher’ Jean Claude Mas and if you not aware of the whole situation….

Here’s a rather scary photograph of the man in question published in the paper the other day.

Back to the point, I will be exploring what happens to the body when it experiences trauma. The swelling of the body and how it regenerates.  The topic of breast implants and plastic surgery is very relevant and personal.

Working with the support of Louise Anne Wilson who is currently lecturing at Edge Hill.  (See for some of her professional work) The process am i undertaking is not only increasing my knowledge of contemporary fashion and costume but also challenging my own identity, fears and desires. Something you will never read in a book and clarifying every reason I have had to come to university.

Sudley House

This week we’ve just embarked on a costume module and I’m very excited. The concept is to create a costume from a site (the site being the sewing room in seminar C). It can come from anything, the room itself, the history, the fabric… a character, even the plug socket that supplies the power to run the machines. Last Friday we all took a inspirational day trip out to Sudley House in Liverpool. The staff where immensely helpful but the exhibition slightly less so. A gorgeous collection of paintings and sculptures and where displayed on the bottom floor of the house. Upstairs was the ‘Costume Drama Collection’ which consisted of a few shoes and about 7 dresses, beautiful but hardly varied. All of the clothes were from the period of Jane Austin. We came away with a few sketches in our books but a mutual lack of creativity.The costume module is about to get pretty intense in the next few weeks. I’m comfortable as a less than average machinist i will get all the support i need from the department. Brian, a costume maker, who has worked for the English National Opera is in most Thursday’s for one to one help sessions.













If you do fancy getting lost in a wooded area trying to find Sudley house, dropping your phone in a puddle, paying extortionate prices in the cafe for a drink and the likelihood of seeing more period costume in your gran’s wardrobe. Please visit
Open 10am-5pm daily.

Sporting Edge

I claimed i wasn’t going to make a new years resolution but it appears ive been roped into going to badminton. To be honest its one of the very few sports that i enjoy to partake in, its quite dainty and girly. In my three years at university ive never been into sporting edge… well ive been reluctant to. Sports day at school is still haunting any memory ive ever had of sport or physical exercise.

Sporting Edge offers outstanding sporting facilities open to staff, students and the local community. It offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Visiting Sporting Edge today i have met a very helpful lady behind the counter who has given me a free swanky-looking ‘Sporting-edge’ card.  I’m off to play badminton tonight with a few keen opponents. Sporting Edge allows you to book out the equipment so i just need to find suitable attire. Being a student at the University we get concessions prices for booking out the space to play.

Have a look at the website for more information on the facilities available…

The Revelations of a Body in a Confined Space

After a mad new year it’s time to knuckle down with some work…and plenty there is!   On Thursday 12th June third year Immersive and Video Installation students will be preforming ‘The Revelations of a Body in a Confined Space’ in collaboration with Julia Griffin . Now i don’t want to reveal too much about the piece because it’s something you must ‘experience’ . The process we have gone through has been so personally revealing and radically different from any way that I have been taught before. We have experienced body and mind, lived in a moment, something that cannot be read in any book. The process we have all been through draws from eastern cultures education methods where meditation is prioritised in regards to learning.  They believe that the development of a human being is something that has to come from within, it has to be an organic process.The performance is on Thursday at 1pm in studios 4 and 5. The only thing I advise is that if you come to see it don’t bring too many layers as it will get very hot and uncomfortable!

Second Year Site-Specific

In the final week leading up to Christmas we where invited by second year Design for Performance student Christine Hatton to a site specific performance. The production formed part of the  Site specific module assessment. In which theatre is taken out of the conventions of the stage and released into environments which both influence and inform the direction of the piece.  Site specific theatre exposes audience to the elements ,smells and presence that  once inhabited spaces have. In this case we were guided around Edge hill University as enrolling students, soon to under take our journeys through higher education. The piece told a love story of a couple that first met on the stairs in the Lady Margaret building back in the 1940’s when the University was functioning as a hospital ward. Apples, books, boys, exams and graduating. The second years truly revealed the hidden stories that lay within the walls of the university. Here are a few photos i took from the show. Enjoy!

A lifetime in the mac suite

Perhaps a slight exaggeration but a ‘lifetime in the mac suite’ has what this week leading up to Christmas has felt like.We’ve all  been making a piece of video art. Using found footage and our own filming we’ve created a 5 minute film with the subject ‘The revelations of a body in a confined space‘ .The Mac’s in the performing arts building have been really helpful in creating an abstract piece of work. They all  have the latest version of ‘Final Cut Pro’ ( a very expensive program) , which after a tutorial, was a treat to use. The editing software allows you to layer images, cut, speed up footage and even change the colour of the image.  I will upload the footage for you to see soon!


Contemporary Video Artists

The research I have been doing this week as part of the module  ‘Manipulating Video Technologies and Immersive Performance’ has been exploring artist who use technologies and new media art in their work. Technology is very much an integral part of our daily activies in a cyber-culture. We can’t escape it, some of us fear it whereas some embrace the age of transglobal communication, film, gaming, the electronic realms in ‘Second Life‘. Contemporary artists such as Douglas Gordon use found footage to manipulate spacial environments. On show at Liverpool’s Tate Gallery until January  is Gordon’s ‘Through the Looking Glass‘. Which toys with the famous scene with Al Pacino in Taxi Driver. Two projections appear on either side of a black box, with one as a reverse image. In the space you feel as if your trapped between the layers of glass that make up a mirror; transcendental and sublime. He comments on the whole magical idea of glass, becoming a mirror and the creation of a new intangible space which can only be acessed through our imaginations. 3rd Year Student’s assignment is to produce a video art piece capturing ‘The revelations of a body in a confined space’.

Douglas Gordon 1991


For sale!

Scary thought this week. The landlord has visited our house today with four viewers. It seems only yesterday that we were moving in! Houses go so quickly in Ormskirk its ideal to start looking December time before they all go. Prices vary from around £65 – £90 pw, with some including bills. Most of them are really close to the University as well , which is ideal. Edge Hill provide a list of houses and approved landlords. If you pop into the SIC building the accommodation team are more than happy to help you with moving.