Fly away on Venga Airway

A bit of a early blog post for this week. Tomorrow night i fly to Ibiza for the week. A post 21st celebration and a little bit of a treat for doing well in the dissertation ( a cheeky first). We don’t actually get our final results until next Friday ( while we’re on holiday) . So it could potentially be a really bad spell of holiday blues.

The Everton park pageant is this Tuesday , so i will miss the forecast rain and set up in high gales. Unfortunatley i will be sat on a beach with a cocktail. But ive asked the designer girls to take photos so i shall put them up next week for you to see.

Congratulations to everyone who got their results back this week. The marks where well deserved!!


Hope Street Fest

After a busy weekend working the open day at Edge Hill (Thank you to everyone who showed up in the rain) and celebrating my 21st birthday. Monday morning felt like ten rounds with Tyson.

The morning at Hope Street started with the beginning of the  research and development for the Street Theatre Performance  taking place on the 16th September 2012 as part of the annual Hope Street Feast.

The project will be based on the lost games of Liverpool, linking closley in hand with the olympics. The Performance will celebrate the surreal, ‘daft’ and bring out the fun in competition. As a example the games we devised today …. Stiletto female tennis doubles, flipper football and a rather granduer 3 legged race including opening ceremony.

To give you an idea of what the festival is about. Here is what they achieved last year.

Wealth & Hellbeing at the Hope Street Feast 2010

First day at Hope Street

Today Jim Hendley and I started on the emerging artists programme at Hope Street Festival. The day consisted of numerous ice breakers… snatching toilet roll from the back of peoples pants, human pyramids on newspaper pieces and life mapping ( an a1 piece of paper mapping the entirety of your life in 2 minutes) …needless to say i wasn’t too proud that only thing i could think of documenting was my hairstyles through the ages.

The first project we embark on is in the Everton schools Pageant. A collaboration with Tate Liverpool and the Youth and Play Service, inspired by Turner Monet Twombly Exhibition at Tate Liverpool. For the designers we begin making 4-6 trees this week for the children to pin individual leaves with personal messages onto. The Pageant will be held on 26th June at The View in Everton Park. Come and see it if your in town its not far to walk!


Olympic Torch Passes Through Liverpool

Friday was surreal to say the least. I arrived at Hope Street in the morning to visit a disused warehouse full of props and stage pieces  (we are hoping to grab some bits and bobs from here for upcoming projects)

On our return i was introduced to the wardrobe. As a mild sufferer of OCD …the wardrobe could only be described as a living nightmare. I am looking forward to spending two full days organising and labelling.

Then at 4 i met up with Jim Hendley to climb inside a Beatles puppet with the Hope Street Team. As much i was willing to do so unfortunately I was too small to fit inside one. To anyone who was in Liverpool when the torch was passing around half 5 we where up near the Anglican cathedral. Photos coming soon!

Packing up Whittling Down

After the exhausting exhibition week which could only be described as a blur, its now time to clear out all of the design studio’s, pack up and get going!

Currently house hunting for a place in Liverpool for the Hope Street Festival, anyone got any ideas of 2 bedroom flats which are dirt cheap/ live-able let us know!

Nicky Speed and Nicola Gaskell from Edge Hill have both done a run up article on the exhibition.

Here’s a documentation of my shockingly bad hair day…


Thank you for everyone’s kind comments and to those who came last week.


Design and Visual Exhibition

A mad few days for us all. A set up, launch party and private view …excessive cakes and few too many glasses of wine. Thanks to everyone who helped and came along to show their support. I couldn’t have done it without you!

The exhibition is still running until Friday! so if you can make it down to Edge Hill we are in Hale Memorial Hall just on the way through to the Hub. ( you can’t miss it!)

Heres a few cheeky snaps i took today. Its well worth the trip.

Dissertation Doomsday

The past week ive been at Open Skies Gallery in Southport with ‘TITS, WOMB,MONITORS and para-SITES :The Instability of Flesh’  on Market Street.

An interesting week to say the least … a few strange residents … but some really positive feedback from others. Thank you to everyone came, here are a few pics…

We’ve only gone and done it…

Last week myself and good friend Jim Hendley went for an interview in Liverpool for the post of ‘Hope Street Festival Emerging Artist.’

The full time programme gives opportunities for budding artists in all fields of performance to work with the worlds leading. Hope street encourages pushing the boundaries with site-specific performance to create innovative work.

After a nail biting two days wait we received the email that would decide our fate for the next 6 months. Jim is now Creative Director on the programme and have been given the position of Designer.

In the midst of a dissertation project , it all seems to be happening at once!

The position begins June 11, we will be working on a number of performances . A site specific piece inspired by Monet, Turner, Trombly exhibition in collaboration with the  Tate. ‘Innovasion 2’, in partnership with Liverpool Biennial, taking place in Everton and a mini- Olympics as part of the hope street festival.

The programme is intended to give key skills to apply yourself professionally. It has certainly given me a bit more confidence in myself. The idea of the 9-5 in Bury was just not an option.

So in a month or so time, its time to find a place to live in liverpool!

Sleep is for the weak

The last couple of weeks /the next following i will be surviving on minimum hours sleep, biscuits, crisps, coffee, chewing gum and energy level stimulus. I might even document it as durational performance so you can all watch me slowly deteriorate over time. It’s the final chapter of my University life and as much work as i have on… im determined to and WILL enjoy them. Its a extremely positive time with the amount of projects I have on but also a sad time to think I will be leaving the creative hub of design studio 3 (which was recently customized into a living space : couches, tables, blankets, mugs, hideous 1970’s office desk) admittedly we’ve all fallen asleep at least once in there amongst the debris of paper mache and paint; or spent 16 hours in there forgetting that you have a home to go to.

Next week is my dissertation project ‘TITS, WOMBS, MONITORS and para -SITES : The Instability Of Flesh‘ at Southport Open Skies Gallery…then theres the minor issue of a graduate degree show to pull together and a job interview tomorrow.

Higher powers only know how I’ve done it but ive managed to construct a website, buisness cards and portfolio in the space of  a weekend. But when you’ve got to do these things you get them done.

If anyones interested – Here’s my website!



Sea Odyssey invades Liverpool

Giant in centre of LiverpoolGiants on boat in the River Mersey

This weekend saw three giant marionnette puppets take over the streets of liverpool. Hopefully you where lucky enough to catch part of the three day spectacle. One girl, a Man and a Dog walked a total of 23 miles over the days to commemorate the sinking of the titanic. Even catching a ride on a boat down the Mersey, after 23 miles of dodging liverpools manic saturday shoppers i think i would be joining them.

The event was created by French based street Theatre Company Royal de Luxe. Check out some of their work it truly inspiring…. the websites pretty flash as well.

For those of you who are interested in what we did last Thursday . ‘The Ghost of Someone not yet Drowned’  performed by Julia Griffin, Karen Lauke and Helen Newall, with guest performer Michelle Mann. Took place at the stunning Victoria Baths in Manchester. We came along to help with the set up of designed installations. Thoroughly good professional, hands-on experience and well worth the effort everyone put in on the day!  we were dead by the end of it!

(photographs by Helen Newall)