Hope Street Fest

After a busy weekend working the open day at Edge Hill (Thank you to everyone who showed up in the rain) and celebrating my 21st birthday. Monday morning felt like ten rounds with Tyson.

The morning at Hope Street started with the beginning of the  research and development for the Street Theatre Performance  taking place on the 16th September 2012 as part of the annual Hope Street Feast.

The project will be based on the lost games of Liverpool, linking closley in hand with the olympics. The Performance will celebrate the surreal, ‘daft’ and bring out the fun in competition. As a example the games we devised today …. Stiletto female tennis doubles, flipper football and a rather granduer 3 legged race including opening ceremony.

To give you an idea of what the festival is about. Here is what they achieved last year.

Wealth & Hellbeing at the Hope Street Feast 2010

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