First day at Hope Street

Today Jim Hendley and I started on the emerging artists programme at Hope Street Festival. The day consisted of numerous ice breakers… snatching toilet roll from the back of peoples pants, human pyramids on newspaper pieces and life mapping ( an a1 piece of paper mapping the entirety of your life in 2 minutes) …needless to say i wasn’t too proud that only thing i could think of documenting was my hairstyles through the ages.

The first project we embark on is in the Everton schools Pageant. A collaboration with Tate Liverpool and the Youth and Play Service, inspired by Turner Monet Twombly Exhibition at Tate Liverpool. For the designers we begin making 4-6 trees this week for the children to pin individual leaves with personal messages onto. The Pageant will be held on 26th June at The View in Everton Park. Come and see it if your in town its not far to walk!


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