We’ve only gone and done it…

Last week myself and good friend Jim Hendley went for an interview in Liverpool for the post of ‘Hope Street Festival Emerging Artist.’


The full time programme gives opportunities for budding artists in all fields of performance to work with the worlds leading. Hope street encourages pushing the boundaries with site-specific performance to create innovative work.

After a nail biting two days wait we received the email that would decide our fate for the next 6 months. Jim is now Creative Director on the programme and have been given the position of Designer.

In the midst of a dissertation project , it all seems to be happening at once!

The position begins June 11, we will be working on a number of performances . A site specific piece inspired by Monet, Turner, Trombly exhibition in collaboration with the  Tate. ‘Innovasion 2’, in partnership with Liverpool Biennial, taking place in Everton and a mini- Olympics as part of the hope street festival.

The programme is intended to give key skills to apply yourself professionally. It has certainly given me a bit more confidence in myself. The idea of the 9-5 in Bury was just not an option.

So in a month or so time, its time to find a place to live in liverpool!

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