Sleep is for the weak

The last couple of weeks /the next following i will be surviving on minimum hours sleep, biscuits, crisps, coffee, chewing gum and energy level stimulus. I might even document it as durational performance so you can all watch me slowly deteriorate over time. It’s the final chapter of my University life and as much work as i have on… im determined to and WILL enjoy them. Its a extremely positive time with the amount of projects I have on but also a sad time to think I will be leaving the creative hub of design studio 3 (which was recently customized into a living space : couches, tables, blankets, mugs, hideous 1970’s office desk) admittedly we’ve all fallen asleep at least once in there amongst the debris of paper mache and paint; or spent 16 hours in there forgetting that you have a home to go to.

Next week is my dissertation project ‘TITS, WOMBS, MONITORS and para -SITES : The Instability Of Flesh‘ at Southport Open Skies Gallery…then theres the minor issue of a graduate degree show to pull together and a job interview tomorrow.

Higher powers only know how I’ve done it but ive managed to construct a website, buisness cards and portfolio in the space of  a weekend. But when you’ve got to do these things you get them done.

If anyones interested – Here’s my website!



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