Sleep is for the weak

The last couple of weeks /the next following i will be surviving on minimum hours sleep, biscuits, crisps, coffee, chewing gum and energy level stimulus. I might even document it as durational performance so you can all watch me slowly deteriorate over time. It’s the final chapter of my University life and as much work as i have on… im determined to and WILL enjoy them. Its a extremely positive time with the amount of projects I have on but also a sad time to think I will be leaving the creative hub of design studio 3 (which was recently customized into a living space : couches, tables, blankets, mugs, hideous 1970’s office desk) admittedly we’ve all fallen asleep at least once in there amongst the debris of paper mache and paint; or spent 16 hours in there forgetting that you have a home to go to.

Next week is my dissertation project ‘TITS, WOMBS, MONITORS and para -SITES : The Instability Of Flesh‘ at Southport Open Skies Gallery…then theres the minor issue of a graduate degree show to pull together and a job interview tomorrow.

Higher powers only know how I’ve done it but ive managed to construct a website, buisness cards and portfolio in the space of  a weekend. But when you’ve got to do these things you get them done.

If anyones interested – Here’s my website!



Sea Odyssey invades Liverpool

Giant in centre of LiverpoolGiants on boat in the River Mersey

This weekend saw three giant marionnette puppets take over the streets of liverpool. Hopefully you where lucky enough to catch part of the three day spectacle. One girl, a Man and a Dog walked a total of 23 miles over the days to commemorate the sinking of the titanic. Even catching a ride on a boat down the Mersey, after 23 miles of dodging liverpools manic saturday shoppers i think i would be joining them.

The event was created by French based street Theatre Company Royal de Luxe. Check out some of their work it truly inspiring…. the websites pretty flash as well.

For those of you who are interested in what we did last Thursday . ‘The Ghost of Someone not yet Drowned’  performed by Julia Griffin, Karen Lauke and Helen Newall, with guest performer Michelle Mann. Took place at the stunning Victoria Baths in Manchester. We came along to help with the set up of designed installations. Thoroughly good professional, hands-on experience and well worth the effort everyone put in on the day!  we were dead by the end of it!

(photographs by Helen Newall)



The Ghost of Someone Not Yet Drowned


Julia Griffin senior lecturer in Dance and Performance at Edge Hill University performs This week on Thursday 19th April at 8pm at Victoria Baths in Manchester.



The performance collaborates with Karen Lauke ( Senior Lecturer Music, Sound, Performance) and Helen Newall ( Reader in Performing arts) Exploring liminal places between breathing water and air in a live , mediated visual performance.

Performance Lecturers at Edge Hill University all have experience of working in the field in various branches. Many are still practising today. ‘The Ghost of Someone Not Yet Drowned‘ is a unique opportunity to take a look at some of the work that potentially be produced with a performance degree from Edge Hill. Despite the negativity that too often surrounds a degree in the arts.

Myself, Ian Jones and Jim Hendley will be helping with the performance on Thursday at the baths

Here is the link to book your tickets.



TITS, WOMBS, MONITORS and para-SITES :The instability of flesh


Its that horrible time of year with a looming dissertation. My project will be exhibited in the Open Skies Gallery Southport thanks to Ruth Ainsworth (Gallery owner). TITS, WOMBS, MONITORS and para-SITES :The instability of flesh  scenographically explores the pregnant body in an immersive installation. Blurring boundaries between performance, art  and installation. The piece will explore the contemporary anxiety’s of the pregnant body. Everyone is welcome to view the work!

OPENING TIMES: Wed 9th May 3pm – 7pm, Thurs/Fri/Sat/ 10am – 5pm Sunday 11am – 4pm




Design and Visual Exhibition May 2012

A great chance for you to come and view the work taking place at Edge Hill University. Unsure whether this is the right course for you? Third Year BA (Hons) Design for Performance and BA (hons) Visual Theatre exhibit a collection of their work throughout the three year course. Come and Visit Edge Hill University from the 21st – 25th May to view the free exhibition.

The exhibition will show you the progression of skills and projects throughout the course. Professional projects and collaborative work. Here is the link to the facebook event.

For more information drop us a comment or email