Burscough Car Boot

A glorious Sunday morning and a little trip to the car boot. Im a nightmare hoarder especially when it comes to unusual junk that wont fit in anywhere in my modest student house… and will almost certainly collect dust and consume my very existence.

Car boots are little treasure troves for any set designer. Last year we visited the car boot for props for the show ‘Fear and Misery’ (a second year drama production directed by Bill Hopkinson). Its dirt cheap and if your luckily you can find the perfect rusty spoon, walking stick or 1940’s smoking tin that might just put the finishing touches to your design.

The car boots a three minute drive from the University. Today was an indulgent grab a bargin day i wasn’t looking for anything specific but still managed to make a few purchases.

For anyone visiting the UCAS event I will be there with fellow student ambassador Chris Lawson in Wrexham tomorrow. Come and talk to us about the courses available at Edge Hill University.



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