Open Skies Gallery

Ruth Ainsworth runs a life drawing session every Friday at Edge hill for any students who wish to attend. The more the merrier!

The classes are very informal, explore what you like but also pick up a few creative techniques from Ruth. Life Drawing classes are highly recommended for anyone thinking of studying design. You may think you can’t draw (and if i had a pound for every time someone said that…) and never will be able to . But it is incredible to see the improvement some of the students have made just from a couple of classes.

Drawing is such an easy way to get your creative ideas out of your head onto paper and present it to others. Personally I find it so much easier than trying to explain what’s going on in my head because it usually doesn’t make sense to the majority of people.

Life drawing is structured around your classes and lectures so you will always have spare time to go. Its great way to de-stress and just escape everything else for that minute.

Ruth also has her own gallery in Southport. Where she offers similar classes to locals. Some of her impressive art work is also available to purchase. Here is a link to her website and details of the address.

I visited the gallery last Wednesday and took some photos of the space. Which i will be using to display my dissertation piece. Enjoy!

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