Pin Hole Camera


This Friday we were introduced to the pin hole camera by Neil Willcock from the Media Department. Neill has always had an passion for this kind of photography.

He introduced us to a number of his own creative examples of pin hole photography. Some of the results are simply stunning.

Artist Francesco Capponi has created a pinhole camera from an egg. The artist places the photo emulsion on the inside of the egg, takes a photo, and then let’s the image get exposed on the inside shell of the egg.

There are so many possibilities. Creativity has no limits!

How to make a pin hole camera

When you make a pinhole camera for roll or sheet film, use a small can or box as the camera body. You can use anything that has a tight-fitting top – a clean paint can, a vegetable shortening can, a 2-pound coffee can, a shoebox, or even a cereal box.

Cut a small square out of a can (this will be where you pierce your pin -hole) sand the surface down if very thick.

To make the can light-tight, paint the inside with dull black paint or line it with black paper to prevent light reflections. If the can you use has a plastic lid, paint the lid black.

Be sure to paint it inside and out; then before using it, check to make sure no paint has chipped off. Chipped or peeling paint on the lid will allow light to enter the camera and ruin your pictures.

To make the pin hole take a surgical needle and pierce the can.

Positing the film paper will be dependant on the size and pan of image you would like to take. To calculate use the following webpage …

Here are a few photos from the session and our customized cameras!


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