Manifesto Exhibition

The past week has been an exciting week for activity in the performing arts department. Third Years had to exhibit their manifestos creatively in spaces around the department (see photos below) . Students in collaboration with Wired Aerial Theatre preformed on Friday night in the studio theatre. Connor QuillIam, Tara Pender, Rebecca Millard, Charlotte McKernan did an exceptional performance exploring drug use with dangling ropes, suspension, gymnastics through hoops.

Edge Hill university is one of the few in the country that offer facilities for aerial performance. The module choice is available in second and third year. Studying at Edge Hill enables you to learn aerial performance in a safe environment, with top class teachers, specialist aerial equipment, and truly have a one off experience learning bungee-assisted dance from the creators of the technique

Photos are up!

Here are some of the photos taken by Helen Newall for Friday’s exhibition/performance. The performance went exceptionally well with an unexpected turn out! we had to repeat the performance 3 times in fact! Up an coming is the 3rd years manifesto exhibition which will take place this thursday morning. The manifesto is something you will undertake in your 3rd year. Its a creative exploration of your own practice, which may be in poster form, an essay or even a performance itself. Plenty to be getting on with this week then and even more exciting photos to come!

The Final Frontier :Costume

The final week of costume is drawing to end. I don’t know whether to panic, celebrate or cry! Working with Louise Anne Wilson has been a thoroughly enjoyable process as well as collaborating with students from different disciplines such as Drama and Dance. Edge Hill Performing arts department allow you to choose diverse modules to contribute to your degree, so some of the students from Dance, Drama and Visual Theatre alike have been able to take costume as a module choice and they have thoroughly enjoyed it too!

The costume module has interrogated blurring the boundaries between costume, installation, performance and art what id being revealed is really extraordinary. Our work culminates in a presentation of our own costume on Friday. I’ve been looking into breast enhancement and surgically attaching myself to the sewing machine. Sounds bonkers but hopefully it will all come together in performance . Here are some photos from the groups process. I will upload pictures from the groups performance after Friday. enjoyx