Head’s buried in books

Over the past few weeks i feel like my face has been permanently glued to the inside pages of a book. I’ve never really enjoyed reading so writing a 3,500 research paper based on what you read in books is nothing short of procrastinating nightmare. However its done! and submitted today …hurrah!  Being on a design course most of the work is practical based and its very rare that our work involves writing (most of it is presented as designs which equivilate to a large amount of text.)  As its our final year it seems like dissertations are hanging over us like a bad smell.

Despite this negativity, the dissertation is as much about learning about other practicioners as it is about learning about yourself. It divided into three sections which are ongoing with any other modules you may be taking in your final year. The first is a reserach paper, in which i have explored the contemporary world of installation art and raised the issue of defining kistch in contemporary art. This research paper will then translate into a manifesto ( your own personal practice ) and then a project proposal, where you create a piece of performance or deisgn based on your own beliefs on what design for performance is in a contemporary world.

Now this all sounds a bit daunting , mind boggling if you don’t even know what a dissertation is . But i assure you (and myself while i read the horrific amount of notes scattered on my bed) That it is all worth it.  This is the most important thing i will ever at university. It will require my devoted attention, no excessive nights out and embracing every precious day at 9am ( the body clock flew away over Christmas) All efforts to be rewarded with a cheeky Ibiza trip in June! (The one and only thing keeping me going)

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