Second Year Site-Specific

In the final week leading up to Christmas we where invited by second year Design for Performance student Christine Hatton to a site specific performance. The production formed part of the  Site specific module assessment. In which theatre is taken out of the conventions of the stage and released into environments which both influence and inform the direction of the piece.  Site specific theatre exposes audience to the elements ,smells and presence that  once inhabited spaces have. In this case we were guided around Edge hill University as enrolling students, soon to under take our journeys through higher education. The piece told a love story of a couple that first met on the stairs in the Lady Margaret building back in the 1940’s when the University was functioning as a hospital ward. Apples, books, boys, exams and graduating. The second years truly revealed the hidden stories that lay within the walls of the university. Here are a few photos i took from the show. Enjoy!

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