Contemporary Video Artists

The research I have been doing this week as part of the module  ‘Manipulating Video Technologies and Immersive Performance’ has been exploring artist who use technologies and new media art in their work. Technology is very much an integral part of our daily activies in a cyber-culture. We can’t escape it, some of us fear it whereas some embrace the age of transglobal communication, film, gaming, the electronic realms in ‘Second Life‘. Contemporary artists such as Douglas Gordon use found footage to manipulate spacial environments. On show at Liverpool’s Tate Gallery until January  is Gordon’s ‘Through the Looking Glass‘. Which toys with the famous scene with Al Pacino in Taxi Driver. Two projections appear on either side of a black box, with one as a reverse image. In the space you feel as if your trapped between the layers of glass that make up a mirror; transcendental and sublime. He comments on the whole magical idea of glass, becoming a mirror and the creation of a new intangible space which can only be acessed through our imaginations. 3rd Year Student’s assignment is to produce a video art piece capturing ‘The revelations of a body in a confined space’.

Douglas Gordon 1991


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