New Year and Christmas Eve

I’ve such a relaxed Christmas at home. I only live 40 minutes away from Edge Hill but its a rare occurrence that i come home to see the family. Getting home usually involves a train with 20 bags in tow or a pleasant phone call to a family member.


The advent of New Year is always a daunting prospect and new years eve is something I dread. You’ve either got 5 geographically challenging places to go all at once or youve got no plans at all ( and if this is such the case, this is when you need to start panicking). I cannot wait to get to the age where its acceptable to sit in and do absolutley nothing on such a pre-apocalyptic style evening. You spend 2 weeks flapping about the event, make a lot of promising resolutions which you then inevitably break when you fall drunk into the calorific chocolate fountain at 12.15. It costs too much, its anti-climatic and it reminds you that your are miserable and single.

In spite, the plan is to return to Liverpool, with a pre-fancy dress party in Wigan. I don’t live in Wigan or Liverpool so will need to think about hiring the magic carpet before the plans go ahead. The theme is ‘Pride and Prejudice’ so im getting my costume skills in place again and hopefully creating something fantastical . Liverpool is so close to Ormskirk so my house-mates and i ill be able to stay at home after all the antics!

I hope everyones has had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


Second Year Site-Specific

In the final week leading up to Christmas we where invited by second year Design for Performance student Christine Hatton to a site specific performance. The production formed part of the  Site specific module assessment. In which theatre is taken out of the conventions of the stage and released into environments which both influence and inform the direction of the piece.  Site specific theatre exposes audience to the elements ,smells and presence that  once inhabited spaces have. In this case we were guided around Edge hill University as enrolling students, soon to under take our journeys through higher education. The piece told a love story of a couple that first met on the stairs in the Lady Margaret building back in the 1940’s when the University was functioning as a hospital ward. Apples, books, boys, exams and graduating. The second years truly revealed the hidden stories that lay within the walls of the university. Here are a few photos i took from the show. Enjoy!

A lifetime in the mac suite

Perhaps a slight exaggeration but a ‘lifetime in the mac suite’ has what this week leading up to Christmas has felt like.We’ve all  been making a piece of video art. Using found footage and our own filming we’ve created a 5 minute film with the subject ‘The revelations of a body in a confined space‘ .The Mac’s in the performing arts building have been really helpful in creating an abstract piece of work. They all  have the latest version of ‘Final Cut Pro’ ( a very expensive program) , which after a tutorial, was a treat to use. The editing software allows you to layer images, cut, speed up footage and even change the colour of the image.  I will upload the footage for you to see soon!


Contemporary Video Artists

The research I have been doing this week as part of the module  ‘Manipulating Video Technologies and Immersive Performance’ has been exploring artist who use technologies and new media art in their work. Technology is very much an integral part of our daily activies in a cyber-culture. We can’t escape it, some of us fear it whereas some embrace the age of transglobal communication, film, gaming, the electronic realms in ‘Second Life‘. Contemporary artists such as Douglas Gordon use found footage to manipulate spacial environments. On show at Liverpool’s Tate Gallery until January  is Gordon’s ‘Through the Looking Glass‘. Which toys with the famous scene with Al Pacino in Taxi Driver. Two projections appear on either side of a black box, with one as a reverse image. In the space you feel as if your trapped between the layers of glass that make up a mirror; transcendental and sublime. He comments on the whole magical idea of glass, becoming a mirror and the creation of a new intangible space which can only be acessed through our imaginations. 3rd Year Student’s assignment is to produce a video art piece capturing ‘The revelations of a body in a confined space’.

Douglas Gordon 1991