Sue Tilley

Today’s lecture was positively different from the rest. The first hour was spent watching in horror at contemporary body artists. The likes of Franko B who makes his naked body bleed infront of an audience and Falir Musafar who explores ancient ritual, the body as site and piercing the body. I had to look away when female artist Orlan untook plastic surgery,fully concious on film. Surgically inserting plates in her cheeks in pursuit of the ideal face.

Friend of Leigh Bowry’s and subject of Lucien Freud’s famous painting Sue Tilley visited the university today. The chat was refreshing, we talked about 80’s culture in London. How she used to go and party with John Galliano. No one had Facebook , internet or phones people would go out and meet in the same places because that’s where everyone went. Celebrity wasn’t what it is today. She chatted about the outrageous clothes she wore, the drug culture, her friendship with Leigh and punk ballet. An inspiring talk with someone who was so down to earth , completely detached from the snobbery of high art.  Starting writing my dissertation research paper exploring contemporary art she is definitely a character I want to explore further.

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