No Man is an Island

Third year visual ensemble produced a spectacular show on Friday and Saturday. The performance took place in Old Christ Church Liverpool. A haunting building nestled in a large estate it appeared an unsettling place for a  performance. Walking through the secret doorway at the side of the church we were greeted by three rabbits. One pacing, one playing with an apple and the other engrossed in a beano comic. We where then guided into the performance area. The empty shell of the church adored with hundreds of frames, string and  glaring  lights. Among the setting performers sat reading the newspapers, some creating origami flowers and others simply frozen in time. As the performance began performers progressively crawled from behind corners , wrestled in frames and marched in stilts.  The concept for the piece revolved around the human rights act. The act was chanted in Indonesian, printed on paper aeroplanes and demonstrated through the torturous movements of the performers. Here’s some of the photos from the show.


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