The Alice In Wonderland effect

Alice in Wonderland syndrome (also known as todd’s syndrome) is a neurological condition which affects human perception of objects and even their own bodies. A genuine condition but  a temporary condition , associated with migraines, brain tumours and the use of LSD. Symptoms of AIWS are common in childhood, with most people growing out of it in their teens. The sufferer can feel paralysed, They may envision their feet to be the size of elephants and cannot walk out of a room. Or they may imagine the room distorted with objects larger than they should be. A surreal experience to say the least.

This is an idea we started to look into in our life drawing session on Friday. We started to think about perception. Your hand close up to your face is a lot larger than if it is further away. Its hard to think in such a way when your translating the image onto the paper.  But its simply a case of drawing what you see and having no doubts at how surreal it looks on the paper while your drawing it.

I always had a habit as a child of drawing unnervingly large birds and girls with hands which where twice the size of their poor heads. As a child my observation told me that all girls had hands like lead weights and a stomach like an ironing board. (I’m sure everyone has  dreamt about this at some point) .  Its funny how our perception changes through our experience… to conclude, we need to stop telling ourselves we can’t draw! a bit of self belief and practice goes a long way!









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