Farewell, Essay

I have no more essays to do for Year 2! Hurrah!

A little bit of advice though for those who are not entirely sure about essays.

I strongly recommend the ‘Study Skills Handbook’ by Stella Cotrell it tells you everything you need to know about essays and other forms of writing also 🙂

I would actually be lost without this book so it is definitely worth purchasing and also worth a good read in preparation for all those essays!



I have been awake since 6 this morning for absolutely no reason what so ever! The last 3 mornings have been the same pretty much. Feeling well tired! So I am making good use of my time and writing out more of my essay!

Well I am finally back to the house and today it is my first day back at Uni as I have a performance on Wednesday ( feel free to come and see us in the Rose Theatre ) so I need plenty rehearsal time.

Hope you all feel just as motivated as I do! 🙂


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Well … it is ‘kind of’ the most wonderful time of the year … (minus the mass amount of work that needs to be in ha ha!)

It is almost time for snow, jingle bells and Christmas trees & my house mates have already started early by playing Christmas songs at the highest volume 🙂 I honestly do not mind haha!

But with the Christmas season almost upon us, I have started Christmas shopping! And for those of you who have absolutely no idea what to buy this year, I have the perfect choice! Check out this website – www.photobox.co.uk – it is absolutely brilliant! You can personalize all sorts of gifts for family & friends at a very reasonable price. It is my life saver this year!

Happy Shopping 🙂