It’s almost time!

EEEEK!!! far too excited to return back to Uni !! Had two amazing years so far and i’m feeling ready and raring to go all over again!! Sad to say this is my last year at uni … (for now!) …  hopefully it will not be the end of my education! 🙂

I hope everyone is ready for another big step! Whether it’s a new year at school, the start or finish of college, the beginning of University or another progressing year .. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you all bite those nerves early on so you can enjoy your whole new experience!

Just remember … if you do not understand something, ask for help! No matter how stupid you may think your question is, you really do need to make sense of everything or else you will get more lost and confused than what you already started out with and before you know it you are completely muddled and you lose hope a little … don’t get yourself stressed over it … make sure you ask for help every time whenever you need it!

If anybody has any questions or would like any advice on anything, please do feel free to comment 🙂

Make cooking a doddle!

Here are a few quick, cheap and easy recipes for students. Hope there are some good ideas for you all!

Firstly, one of my personal favorites is the Chicken wrapped in Bacon

Basically, all it is, is a chicken breast wrapped in a piece of bacon. You put it in the oven at 180-200 degrees c and cook for around 25-30 minutes. After it is cooked thoroughly, top it with BBQ sauce & cheese, pop back in for a couple of minutes and then dinner can be served 🙂 for those who feel extra peckish, this dish works perfect with chips!

Chicken Stir Fry 

Really easy to make! All I do is buy the ingredients from the store (Egg noodles, mushroom stir fry mix and a pack of diced chicken), pour some oil into the pan at top heat, cook your chicken first, add the stir fry mix and noodles together and cook for around 3-4 minutes or until satisfied 🙂 for extra special tasty stir fry, add some soy sauce! Yum Yum!

Stuffed Potato Skins

Simple and very tasty! Heat the oven to 200 degrees c. Wash the potatoes with cold water. Sprinkle salt over the potatoes skin so they crispin up in the oven. Puncture the potatoes with a fork. Place the potatoes in the oven. Cut the bacon up into small squares of the same size and cook until it has started to brown. Grate the cheese onto a plate so that it can be used when the potatoes come out of the oven. When the potatoes are finished cooking, leave them for ten minutes to cool. When they have finished cooling cut open and spoon the potato into a large bowl and crush the potato so that it is easier to work with. Add the cheese, bacon, chillies, butter and chopped chives to the potato and mix well until it is all mixed together. Spoon the mixture back into the potato skins and place back into the oven until the potato has started to brown. Remove from the oven and leave to cool before eating.

Just a few recipes I have tried and enjoyed 🙂 I will add some more again another time!

The new year is FAST approaching!

Well it appears we are now looking at our last few final weeks of ‘Summer’ before our return/arrival to University! To be quite honest, it has gone over that fast I still haven’t unpacked from moving back home yet ha!

I hope you are all ready & prepared for a whole new experience regardless of what year you are in – you learn and you keep on learning!

Unfortunately, my room this year is a lot smaller than my last one so I can’t take everything with me like I have done so far! Luckily enough, the majority of my things are already at my new place so moving in should hopefully be a doddle! Make sure you think logically about what you need and what you don’t really need.

Yet again, I have been struck down with my best friend TONSILLITIS and have been bed bound for a while with penicillin and paracetamol but I’m getting back to normal again. My motto for this year is to Be sensible and stay healthy! As a uni student it is easier to go for the quick food option like takeaways or microwave meals but this year I’ve decided I’m going to eat healthy, stay active & to keep myself fit and well! No more doctors appointments please!

We can not afford to be ill at this stage!

For my next blogget I am going to give you a few cooking ideas that may be useful, easy for you & also a better option 🙂 so stay alert!

All about Ormskirk

Seen as though it is now the summer holidays, I thought this may be a good opportunity to explain some of the things you can do around Ormskirk whilst you are out of study either during term time or between term times 🙂

Ormskirk is a market town in West Lancashire, England. It is situated 13 miles (21 km) north of Liverpool city centre, 11 miles (18 km) northwest of St Helens, 9 miles (14 km) southeast of Southport and 15 miles (24 km) southwest of Preston. The town has a train station which can link you to Preston and to Liverpool central in half an hour.

Ormskirk Golf Club, is a friendly private members club situated near the market town of Ormskirk, which is seven miles from the Southport coast with its many fine championship links courses. A friendly welcome awaits all visitors who are treat as members for the day. The course offers a real challenge to all levels of golfer, having been used for Open Regional Qualifying, County Matches and many Corporate, Charity and Society Events. Group or individual bookings can be made via the Secretary who will manage all of your requirements.

Ormskirk Market – one of the country’s oldest and most traditional street markets – gives the town an extra buzz each Thursday and Saturday. Dating back to 1286 when the monks at nearby Burscough Priory were granted a Royal Charter by Edward 1 to hold a weekly outdoor market, it is still a focal point for locals and visitors alike. With around 100 stalls, set in the pedestrianised area in the heart of the town around the famous Clock Tower, the market attracts hundreds of bargain hunters each market day. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it on the market whether its pullovers to pottery or food to furniture. It is ideal for those home essentials which can be bought at bargained prices!

Ormskirk Nightlife is perfect for those wanting an enjoyable and sociable night out for all occasions! There are the traditional pubs dotted around as well as a few late-night clubs. Situated in the town centre of Ormskirk you will find Lyme Tiger – a cocktail bar which serves the most unique cocktails around. A definite one to visit!

Ormskirk Restaurants – there will always be a place to cater your taste buds in Ormskirk including (to name but a few) Antonio’s – A traditional Italian restaurant, The Fat Olive – A Med-style restaurant and Piri Piri – An Authentic Portuguese restaurant. There are also the pubs serving their own traditional pub lunches for those who want a satisfying variety. You will never go hungry in Ormskirk!

Sight-seeing or shopping, eating out or exercising in the park, Ormskirk offers something for everyone, at all times.

Moving on.

Well, me and the girls just moved out of our uni house at 104 Wigan Road a few days ago. What an experience! I am telling you it is very hard work moving out of a house! – and I thought halls were bad enough to move out of!

Millions of bags of rubbish, millions of hours cleaning and millions of takeaways later, I finally got to the bottom of it haha!

For the new year (2012/13), I plan to take a minimal amount of things with me to my new house just so it doesn’t take me forever to move out again. And that is what my piece of advice is all about today…

Pack ONLY what you need as well as some photo’s, memorabilia and a few home comforts 🙂

My lungs now feel choked with dust and I officially have the shortest finger nails in the land. Moving out is HARD!

My day with St John Bosco girls!

Today I worked as a student guide to show the girls of St John Bosco around our campus and to introduce them to life in higher education.

And what can i say? What a fantastic group of girls they are! Really enthusiastic, bubbly and full of potential!

One of the benefits for working in the University as well as studying is meeting new people who are interested in going further and who have lots of goals and ambitions. Just like these young ladies!

My day with the Bosco girls turned out to be very fun, interesting and perhaps one of my most enjoyable days so far as a student guide!

So thanks to all the girls who made my day so enjoyable and I hope to see all you fantastic people again in the future! You are all a credit to yourselves and I think you all have the potential to shine and succeed at Uni. Good luck for your futures and if any of you have any questions at all I am more than happy to help you! 🙂


Summer Holidays :)

(I apologize for my recent absence! I have just came back from a holiday in Greece, Rhodes and brought back a wonderful tan!)

Hope you are all enjoying the summer break! Although it is not so sunny with this miserable weather & flooding all over! On the positive side, at least it gives us the opportunity to keep our heads refreshed ready for our new year at university. Which can only mean one thing – study, study, study! Now is the time to get an early step into the upcoming year so you know all about what your getting yourself into & can also lay out the formations so your pretty prepared. One thing I wish I could have done ready for my first year is prepare properly. I could have benefited from reading books about drama, music and sound and also about writing essays & how to use Harvard referencing correctly. So my advice for now would be to start some early studying. Get one foot in the door. You will be thankful for it! 🙂

Emergency funds!

Hello all 🙂


Just thought I would give a little info about how important it can be to save & store some emergency funds whilst studying!

I just encountered a very big problem myself! Unfortunately, I went home a couple weeks ago and my cute little puppy started roaming around my bedroom. A few hours later I went upstairs to get something and found my passport randomly situated in the middle of the floor. To my shocking surprise, my pup decided to chew through my passport!

But here is the biggest dilemma …. I go on holiday a week today!

The cost does not even bare thinking about so my main point of this post is to make you all aware of how important it is to save, save, save! You never know what emergency expenses you may have to pay for!


Moral of the story … hide passports and store those pennies!

Fulch 🙂