My name is Laura Fulcher. I am a student at Edge Hill University studying Drama, Music and Sound. If anybody has any questions or queries then please feel free to speak to me I am always happy to help :)

My whereabouts…

Just thought I would inform you all of where I have been 🙂 …

I went to soccer aid at Old Trafford! It was an unbelievable experience especially with it being my first time at a football stadium! Definitely worth going & I will also be attending next year too! 🙂

Plane flower!

Just finished doing sound design for a performance called Plane Flower by crack on productions 🙂


It was amazing! The performance was mainly performed and produced by visual theater students. We used things such as chalk on the floor, a life-size cow and a big giant puppet!


I strongly recommend ‘everyone’ to come along and experience student performances at edge hill – they really are spectacular! Full of strange but wonderful ideas 🙂




The end is nigh!

It’s almost the end of another uni year! But it also means it’s time to prepare for the next!

Things to prepare for:

  • Student finance – get forms sorted & handed in!
  • Accommodation – make sure it is all finalized!
  • Course prep – get all your books & stationary sorted!
  • Money – put away an emergency stash!

I hope you are all sorted with your decisions & ready to take on some hard work & a brand new, exciting experience!

I am almost ready to hand in my final assignment & my project is almost complete ready for a performance on Thursday – more details later!

Now bring on some good weather so we can all have a little bit of summer! 🙂


A few hints & tips!

So, it is getting closer to getting prepared for your decisions for university! Just thought I would mention a few hints & tips to help you make the very important choice which you will have to deal with for the next 3 years!

Open days

Contact uni to arrange a campus tour or a session taster day. You can find out more information regarding courses, finances and accommodation.

Speak to tutors

Discuss with your tutors & listen to any advice they have for you which may be useful in making your choice.

Plan, plan, plan!

Find out as much information as possible. Where is the University? Is it in a good spot for getting essentials? Can you get access to transport easily?

Decide wisely! I hope this helps 🙂

Easter Break

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three weeks off for Easter!

I had a lazy week, another week back at home and another week at a temporary job which is something I would like to mention today.

I would personally recommend any student to get themselves a part-time job whilst studying. It works out so much better for you financially, keeps you on your toes and also looks good on your CV to see how motivated you are due to working while studying.

This week I worked at Speedy Hire in Haydock for a few days doing food service. The people I met are lovely! And even though I had no idea where I was going, what I was going to be doing or who I would be working with, I settled in instantly! I have to give a special mention to Ben the chef, particularly for his very fine cooking, especially his unique creations such as pie, peas, mash, gravy and brown sauce all mushed up in a BARM 🙂 sounds appetising right haha? I had such  a laugh there but also learnt that you should give a go at everything! When I first received the phone call to find out where I was working, I almost backed out due to the distance and the fact that I was going to the middle of nowhere to work. But it was so worth it in the end! I can’t wait to go back there!

See you all soon! 🙂

Snow joke!

So after having a week of beautiful hot sunshine, it is forecast we are soon to have a week of snow! How quick things change!

Make sure a visit is paid to the duck pond over those snowy days! It may be a bit chilly but it’s a sight you surely should not miss!

And with the weather being a bit poor, it is an ideal time to sort out work & timetables etc. to stay on track of your assignments. Make use of bad weather as well as good!


Hello Mr.Sunshine! :)

Woke up to a beautiful day again!

Days like these can not be wasted! So where are the best places to go when the weather is as beautiful as this I hear you ask?

Well … you could always head on down to Ormskirk Train Station, buy a ticket for either Blackpool or maybe even Southport, hop on the train from Ormskirk to Preston and then catch the next train to Blackpool or Southport and beach it up! 😀

Or maybe, have a shop around in Liverpool. Buy a return ticket for under a 5er!

Don’t let gorgeous days like these go to waste! Even if you are hungover & bed bound haha!

Happy sunning! 🙂


Bus pass!

Make sure you apply for a bus pass when you get the opportunity! You will need  a passport photo spare to pop in with your card. It saves you 50p and gets you to and from Ormskirk & Edge Hill every 15 minutes.

It is free to apply for & as far as I’m aware, you get the forms for this in the first couple of days of starting your 1st year at Uni.

Well worth a couple minutes of your time to get this pass 🙂



Doctor, doctor!

For those who are wondering about what to do if you need to see a local doctor, during freshers week, there is an opportunity to register with the doctors who are for Edge Hill students. The Health & Well-Being Centre is on Ruff Lane and takes about 1 minute to walk from the back entrance of the University.

Drop-in sessions on Wednesday between 9-11.30am are very handy also! An appointment is not needed.

It does mean that you will no longer be registered with the surgery you are normally with when your back at home but you can fill out a temporary form at your surgery if it is urgent. Or alternatively, make yourself aware of any local walk-in clinics as these are very useful and also you do not need to book a prior appointment.


See you soon! 🙂

We are going through changes!

Some exciting information for current students and those who are interested in coming to Edge Hill …

£55million project to build new sports facilities and accommodation for students is now underway.

“The University will build a £15m sports centre and an array of grass and all-weather sports facilities on the land beyond the University’s leisure centre, as well as a new entrance, access roads and extra parking.

There are also plans to construct 384 new en-suite student rooms in six separate blocks immediately to the east of the current sports centre, many of which will be available for the September 2012 intake.”

Woohoo! Edge Hill continuously surprises and never fails to amaze us!

Edge Hill students, you lucky lucky things!