The new year is FAST approaching!

Well it appears we are now looking at our last few final weeks of ‘Summer’ before our return/arrival to University! To be quite honest, it has gone over that fast I still haven’t unpacked from moving back home yet ha!

I hope you are all ready & prepared for a whole new experience regardless of what year you are in – you learn and you keep on learning!

Unfortunately, my room this year is a lot smaller than my last one so I can’t take everything with me like I have done so far! Luckily enough, the majority of my things are already at my new place so moving in should hopefully be a doddle! Make sure you think logically about what you need and what you don’t really need.

Yet again, I have been struck down with my best friend TONSILLITIS and have been bed bound for a while with penicillin and paracetamol but I’m getting back to normal again. My motto for this year is to Be sensible and stay healthy! As a uni student it is easier to go for the quick food option like takeaways or microwave meals but this year I’ve decided I’m going to eat healthy, stay active & to keep myself fit and well! No more doctors appointments please!

We can not afford to be ill at this stage!

For my next blogget I am going to give you a few cooking ideas that may be useful, easy for you & also a better option 🙂 so stay alert!

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