Moving on.

Well, me and the girls just moved out of our uni house at 104 Wigan Road a few days ago. What an experience! I am telling you it is very hard work moving out of a house! – and I thought halls were bad enough to move out of!

Millions of bags of rubbish, millions of hours cleaning and millions of takeaways later, I finally got to the bottom of it haha!

For the new year (2012/13), I plan to take a minimal amount of things with me to my new house just so it doesn’t take me forever to move out again. And that is what my piece of advice is all about today…

Pack ONLY what you need as well as some photo’s, memorabilia and a few home comforts 🙂

My lungs now feel choked with dust and I officially have the shortest finger nails in the land. Moving out is HARD!

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