Summer Holidays :)

(I apologize for my recent absence! I have just came back from a holiday in Greece, Rhodes and brought back a wonderful tan!)

Hope you are all enjoying the summer break! Although it is not so sunny with this miserable weather & flooding all over! On the positive side, at least it gives us the opportunity to keep our heads refreshed ready for our new year at university. Which can only mean one thing – study, study, study! Now is the time to get an early step into the upcoming year so you know all about what your getting yourself into & can also lay out the formations so your pretty prepared. One thing I wish I could have done ready for my first year is prepare properly. I could have benefited from reading books about drama, music and sound and also about writing essays & how to use Harvard referencing correctly. So my advice for now would be to start some early studying. Get one foot in the door. You will be thankful for it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Summer Holidays :)

  1. Hi Laura, just a special thank you from all the bosco girls. We really enjoyed all your help and support that you and your team gave us 🙂 you and Emma were boss! Enjoyed you taking us round x x

  2. Hiya, would just like to say thanks for today with our school, it was really good, you really made me feel at ease and very welcome 🙂 also I love you accent:) x

  3. Hi Shannon & Kate! You are both more than welcome it was a pleasure to meet all of you today. It is people like you girls who make my job that extra bit special and I hope to see you all again in the near future! I hope today helped you to understand more about life in Higher Education. Good luck to you both for your promising futures! All the best x

  4. Hello Laura, hopefully you will see us in the near future if we do decide to come to Edge Hill. You and Emma made the University look better, because use made us all feel welcome. When we come to the University it helped us alot to decide what to do. Thank you and good luck with your 3rd year there. x

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