Plane flower!

Just finished doing sound design for a performance called Plane Flower by crack on productions 🙂


It was amazing! The performance was mainly performed and produced by visual theater students. We used things such as chalk on the floor, a life-size cow and a big giant puppet!


I strongly recommend ‘everyone’ to come along and experience student performances at edge hill – they really are spectacular! Full of strange but wonderful ideas 🙂




The end is nigh!

It’s almost the end of another uni year! But it also means it’s time to prepare for the next!

Things to prepare for:

  • Student finance – get forms sorted & handed in!
  • Accommodation – make sure it is all finalized!
  • Course prep – get all your books & stationary sorted!
  • Money – put away an emergency stash!

I hope you are all sorted with your decisions & ready to take on some hard work & a brand new, exciting experience!

I am almost ready to hand in my final assignment & my project is almost complete ready for a performance on Thursday – more details later!

Now bring on some good weather so we can all have a little bit of summer! 🙂