Hello Mr.Sunshine! :)

Woke up to a beautiful day again!

Days like these can not be wasted! So where are the best places to go when the weather is as beautiful as this I hear you ask?

Well … you could always head on down to Ormskirk Train Station, buy a ticket for either Blackpool or maybe even Southport, hop on the train from Ormskirk to Preston and then catch the next train to Blackpool or Southport and beach it up! 😀

Or maybe, have a shop around in Liverpool. Buy a return ticket for under a 5er!

Don’t let gorgeous days like these go to waste! Even if you are hungover & bed bound haha!

Happy sunning! 🙂


Bus pass!

Make sure you apply for a bus pass when you get the opportunity! You will need  a passport photo spare to pop in with your card. It saves you 50p and gets you to and from Ormskirk & Edge Hill every 15 minutes.

It is free to apply for & as far as I’m aware, you get the forms for this in the first couple of days of starting your 1st year at Uni.

Well worth a couple minutes of your time to get this pass 🙂



Doctor, doctor!

For those who are wondering about what to do if you need to see a local doctor, during freshers week, there is an opportunity to register with the doctors who are for Edge Hill students. The Health & Well-Being Centre is on Ruff Lane and takes about 1 minute to walk from the back entrance of the University.

Drop-in sessions on Wednesday between 9-11.30am are very handy also! An appointment is not needed.

It does mean that you will no longer be registered with the surgery you are normally with when your back at home but you can fill out a temporary form at your surgery if it is urgent. Or alternatively, make yourself aware of any local walk-in clinics as these are very useful and also you do not need to book a prior appointment.


See you soon! 🙂

We are going through changes!

Some exciting information for current students and those who are interested in coming to Edge Hill …

£55million project to build new sports facilities and accommodation for students is now underway.

“The University will build a £15m sports centre and an array of grass and all-weather sports facilities on the land beyond the University’s leisure centre, as well as a new entrance, access roads and extra parking.

There are also plans to construct 384 new en-suite student rooms in six separate blocks immediately to the east of the current sports centre, many of which will be available for the September 2012 intake.”

Woohoo! Edge Hill continuously surprises and never fails to amaze us!

Edge Hill students, you lucky lucky things!

Extra Cash!

It is definitely worth having a part-time job to keep up financially with University.

I am currently registered to a few job advertising websites which may come in use  to students who are wanting to continue working whilst studying.

Here are some of the following websites which I use:

– WWW.caterer.com

– Indeed Job Alert

– direct.gov.uk

All you need to do is register, enter your email address and you receive daily alerts notifying you of available jobs which you can apply for in your area.

Hope this helps a little bit!