A little bit of advice for those wanting to save money at Uni!


Make sure you purchase an NUS EXTRA card and also a RAILCARD.

Both have helped me so much especially my railcard due to me having to travel a pretty hefty distance, it saves me about £20 every journey I make which is almost how much you would be paying for your railcard for 3 years! So I would definitely recommend it to those who will be travelling a lot during University.

As for the NUS EXTRA card, I mainly use that for clothes shops and Mcdonalds! You definitely feel the benefits from it!

Hope this helps out a bit! 🙂



Had to go back to the doctors again today and I now have CHICKEN POX!


Haha the effects of being a student 🙁


For those who do not know, there is a surgery connected to the University called The Health & Well Being Centre which you can register to during freshers week 🙂 There is a drop-in clinic half 9 til 11am every Wednesday and you can see a doctor or nurse without an appointment. Im there almost every Wednesday haha not happy!

Hope your all well,


Farewell, Essay

I have no more essays to do for Year 2! Hurrah!

A little bit of advice though for those who are not entirely sure about essays.

I strongly recommend the ‘Study Skills Handbook’ by Stella Cotrell it tells you everything you need to know about essays and other forms of writing also 🙂

I would actually be lost without this book so it is definitely worth purchasing and also worth a good read in preparation for all those essays!