Student Accommodation

So .. this year has been EXTREMELY busy in terms of Student Accommodation especially with students wanting houses for the following year.

Deary me. I experienced the whole thing. Just when we thought we had a house, it fell through. It took 10 hours for the landlord to realise she had in fact ‘made a mistake’ and signed the house over to another group. We then had to start from scratch. Phoned up places for 6 bed, 5, down to 4, down to 3 and out of curiosity began phoning for 2 and found nothing available. After going back and forth to student accommodation team countless times, all we could do was go back through the refreshed housing list. In the end we decided we had to go our own ways and luckily enough it is working out. I have signed for a house with 4 other girls for next year and I can not explain how lucky i feel. However, I am that exhausted I have just been diagnosed with tonsillitis and have to spend the next few days in bed! Poor me 🙁


Anyway, what I’m wanting to point out strongly, is that I personally do not feel like the University prepared us for this AT ALL. This problem occurred in November but we did not have any idea. So after talks with the Acc. team, I told him there needs to be more communication between students & the Uni – perhaps sending a letter at the appropriate time (not addressed to anyone in particular) to all the student houses registered, and let them know what is happening & to give them the best advice possible like what to do next and how to prepare yourself. Or even an email would do! I just feel like we need to know more and to be ready for this next year if the same thing happens because I personally have never been so stressed out in all my life! If anything like this was available to us then it is not clearly visible and therefore needs re-looking at. So if you agree with my idea, then please bring this up with anyone you speak to in the SU or student accommodation team. We cannot let this problem occur again next year.


I really do hope you all had better luck than me and are all settled in your current house & sorted for next year 🙂

Best of luck,


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