Get a room! :)

Hi Guys!


Just a quick mention! Unfortunately, one of our housemates has to move out due to unforeseen circumstances! So, I am giving you all this opportunity – if needed – for a perfect room in a perfect spot 🙂


Room for rent from January 2012

104 Wigan Road – 15 minute walk from Edge Hill Uni & town centre

£68 p/w = 2 instalments:

Spring term £1156 no later than 12th Jan 2012 (17 weeks)

Summer term £612 no later than 12th April 2012 (9 weeks)

contracted until 19th July 2012

Bills are paid through company ‘split the bills’ which include electric, gas, internet and television license. £45 paid from bank account by each tenant every month. Unused money is reimbursed at the end of the Uni year.

water rates already paid for

If interested, please contact me on 07967784911 or email me at

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Well … it is ‘kind of’ the most wonderful time of the year … (minus the mass amount of work that needs to be in ha ha!)

It is almost time for snow, jingle bells and Christmas trees & my house mates have already started early by playing Christmas songs at the highest volume 🙂 I honestly do not mind haha!

But with the Christmas season almost upon us, I have started Christmas shopping! And for those of you who have absolutely no idea what to buy this year, I have the perfect choice! Check out this website – – it is absolutely brilliant! You can personalize all sorts of gifts for family & friends at a very reasonable price. It is my life saver this year!

Happy Shopping 🙂


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

After having a very hectic & hard working week full of busy, busy, busy, I have decided it is time for a night out with the girls!

One thing you have to remember as a student, work hard, but award yourself for it! And I have decided, my way of awarding myself is by going out tonight and letting off A LOT of steam!

So my quote of the week is, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Don’t be Jack!


Fulch 🙂

A weekend welcome!

Good morning all 🙂

This is my first blog post and I would like to start it off on a good note – It’s almost the weekend! After a very busy week, it is almost time to finally put the feet up! Hallelujah!

So this week I have been working hard on a piece of ‘sound art’ … without going into too much detail, it is an assignment for one of my modules and basically we have taken raw salon sounds and created something very different! I would like to take the opportunity in inviting you all to the sound salon which will feature in the studio theatre foyer in the performing arts building!

Sound salon

If you are available any time through out the 8-11 November, come along for a ‘ unique salon experience’. It is an opportunity not to be missed!

Apart from that, Halloween also took up many hours of my week. I spent a miserable 60 quid on creating an outfit for one night … and it makes me want to cry.

But anyway 🙂 moving on, hope you have all had an eventful week! I will be creating a twitter account for this soon so please feel free to share your stories!

And I shall leave it at that 🙂 hope you all have an awesome weekend!