A year in Edge Hill

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Well, this is probably my final post (not sure about that so far). I would like to use it to recollect the nice experiences I’ve had during this year in Edge Hill. I doubt that my experience can be generalized to create a picture of university life for an international postgraduate student, but I’ll do it anyway.

September. Arriving to Edge Hill. Wonderful welcome, awesome people. Made many good friends on the first day on campus. First week in Edge Hill was constant partying all night and travelling all day. I am really sad that I have to miss the Fresher’s Week this year. Only positive memories.

October – November. Beginning the studies. Trying to get involved and assessing my level of knowledge in the new environment. Getting used to a different teaching style and strange, but comfortable timetable. First challenges and deadlines.

December. Good times. Happiness and joy. Spending Christmas with Edge Hill friends and New Year back at home in Belarus. A bit cautious about the upcoming exams.

January – February. Passed the exams, submitted the courseworks. But no time to rest, the new semester is starting. Getting new tasks and deadlines. Working in the university brings a lot of experiences and new friends. The whole semester is filled with both hard work and enjoyable time spent partying and travelling around the country.

March – April. The weather is getting better, the partying is more intensive, but the workload is quite big. Nevertheless, everything is done on time, the dissertation proposal is written and I’m going back home for some time to do the research.

May. Exam time. This time only one exam in global marketing, but it was a tough one. Having taken it had an awesome month of smooth dissertation work, visiting London and looking for a postgraduate job (successfully).

June – August. Unusual summer. The first summer ever, when I had to do something every day. Dissertation writing process is getting more and more intensive and all the friends are leaving for their holidays. However, this is why I came here. Long hours of hard but enjoyable research process are worth it. Going to see the London Olympics with my girlfriend. Great times that I will remember for the rest of my life.

September. And here we are. Sorry, if my narration was a bit clumsy. Almost the whole year in Edge Hill has come to an end. So many feelings and experiences. So many new friends and places. So much work done. I look back at my postgraduate year in Edge Hill and I feel great. Although I have to leave and start the new chapter in my life, I will always remember this place and try to visit it from time to time. Edge Hill made a great contribution in my life. I’m not trying to encourage you to choose Edge Hill as a place to study. But if you do, I guarantee you won’t regret your decision.

“A University should be a place of light, of liberty, and of learning.”

–     Benjamin Disraeli


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