When you are leaving…


Well, I’m almost done. Less than three weeks left before my deadline and I will go back home. In this respect, one little thought came to my mind. How to pack all my life here in 3 bags?

I have seen many students, both British and international, leaving the campus. It is fascinating how much stuff do all people accumulate and then just leave. Starting from huge amounts of cutlery up to the blankets and books – the things one leaves behind are usually the heaviest or the least valuable. So, what are the options for international students (let’s focus on this group) concerning their belongings that do not fit in the baggage?

First of all, and this is probably the most popular tradition, one can give the things to a friend who is staying. I used to be this friend every semester and I must say that this tradition is very helpful for a student who stays. It is good, from my point of view, when students help each other like that. It creates kind of continuity of generations for students, which always makes the student community stronger.

Apart from that tradition, one can give the things to charity. In case you have something that was barely used or is in very good conditions, I think it would be nice to give such things to those who need them. In Edge Hill there is a place, where you can bring things for charity, so why not do something good and donate some of your belongings.

As for me, I haven’t decided yet what I am going to do with my stuff. But it is certainly interesting how the things circulate among the students. In Edge Hill, the relationship between the people on campus is based on friendship and trust, so in case one needs something, your friends will always help you out. I think this makes the campus the place, where you would like to live not only because of some free things you might get, but because of the tight and friendly community of students, which gives you a lot of good friends, exciting times and pleasant experiences.


“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

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