Concentration, international students and a duck!


Last month of the summer is slowly coming to an end. Edge Hill is getting ready to meet new students. I am writing up my dissertation…typing all day long…every day…of every week.

Oh, who am I kidding…it’s not so bad at all. I don’t really understand why people are complaining about this type of work. Yes, it’s very difficult to concentrate on following the argument and not to lose the essential details. There are many sides of the dissertation writing process, but all in all it can be considered very interesting.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to write a book or a nice story. But I have never been very creative. Plus, being extremely active it was difficult for me to sit down and write something for more than 20 minutes. Today, I’ve worked on increasing this time to more than two hours. When the focus is lost after two hours of typing, a cup of strong Italian coffee always helps.

Ok, enough about me. Let’s have a look what is happening on campus. Halls are still being built; various departments of Edge Hill are dealing with clearance and having quite busy times. I can’t say that I’ve been following the life of Edge Hill closely during the last couple of weeks, since I’ve been sitting in my room 80% of the time. By the way, some new international students are arriving soon – will be interesting to meet them and maybe show them around. After all, it’s always nice to see a friendly face when you come to some new place. It’s good that Edge Hill doesn’t have a problem with that. International students don’t have a hard time blending in. I think it is even easier than everyone thinks, because of the huge number of internationals on campus. Not only they get to meet people on their course, but also living together with students of different nationalities makes the experience unforgettable.

Unfortunately, I have only two blogs left before I leave Edge Hill for quite a long time. I will come back for graduation and then go back home, where I am going to pursue the career of business analyst/ project manager. I hope I will have something interesting to share with you in my remaining posts, but for now I’ll leave you with this picture of a duck that I took the other day.

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

–         Michael Caine.


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