Edge Hill and constant development


So, July is coming to an end and that means one thing – only one month of summer left. I don’t know about you, my friends, but for me personally August has always been the favorite summer month. Maybe it’s because I feel the autumn coming and start to cherish every summer day more and more. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in August, or because for me it has always been the time when I can afford to have a lot of free time and rest. Anyway, all of us have the reasons to love a certain part of the summer. This year is different for me, because I am still studying and trying to write up the dissertation research I have done. It doesn’t mean that the time is less exciting, it just means constantly being pretty busy 🙂

From my point of view, the same thing is happening with our Edge Hill University. After the end of graduation week it seems like the University should have its much needed rest, as it is almost like the living organism. However, as I still live on campus, I can say that the situaton is quite different. The university is living it’s life, life without the students, but life focusing on preparation for the new academic year. New halls are being built (am I the only one who thinks that they are being built at the speed of light?), other parts of campus are being renovated and cleaned. It seemes like the University is constantly improved, and I thik I have a full authority to state that, because I can see the process of development every day.

I suppose, it is crucial for any educational establishment to be aimed at constant progress and development, especially during the year when the fees are rising. Now it will not be enough for a uni just to repeat the same process year after year. The prestige of British education as well as the fees will grow and, unfortunately, fewer people will be able to afford going to the university. Those who would be able to afford will try to choose the best educational establishments possible, so the universities will have to fight to get the best students. In this respect, I think Edge Hill has been doing a good job investing in it’s staff and facilities, which will definitely benefit both the studenst who choose to study here and the university itself.

I am very excited to start the new academic year together with Edge Hill, in spite of the fact that will only stay here till the end of September. But as soon as my disertation is submitted, I am going back home to start my career as a business analyst. Definitely coming back in December for my graduation – can’t miss it, for sure 🙂

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