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Sorry for being away for a while…hope you are all well! 🙂

Graduation…so much in this word for everyone, who had one. Every former student remembers his or her graduation. It always brings good mood and pleasant experience. And graduation in Edge Hill University is no exception.

Last week I was working on the alumni stand in the centre of the hub and I had a wonderful opportunity to see all the aspects of graduation from a different angle. That allowed me not only to compare it with my graduation that happened a year ago in Minsk State Linguistic University, but also to get the idea what kind of event I’ll be a part of in December 2012.

From the first ceremony on Monday till the last ceremony on Friday it was a continuous celebration: celebration of people’s achievements, celebration of the big moment for the whole families, celebration of becoming a graduate. I think everyone would agree with me that graduation can be considered a crucial milestone in every person’s life. It is the time when you realise, that many years of gaining different knowledge and learning various skills have come to an end. And how wonderful this time was!

From my point of view, graduation is all about cherishing this time you’ve spent in the university. I can say I liked the ceremony and the reception in Edge Hill very much and I will be looking forward to my own graduation. From my experience I can say that graduation in Edge Hill differs a lot from graduations in other universities I’ve seen before. The combination of traditional aspects that make every graduation unique and brilliant organization that makes everyone feel comfortable – this is the recipe for graduation’s success in Edge Hill. Looking at the process from the other side, I could see how many people were doing their best to make this experience unforgettable for graduates and their loved ones, and I think we should all thank them.

Unfortunately, the graduation is over, but we all have something to remember about it. Now, it’s time to start a new journey, which will bring new experiences, new challenges and new friends. This might be a little frightening at first, because everyone got used to being a student, but it’s ok. There is a long road ahead of you, graduates, and it depends only on you, whether this road will be exciting and full of experiences or dull and boring.  Good luck! 😉

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