International graduates’ career search


Today, I wanted to start where we left, which is finding a job for international graduate. So, let’s not beat around the bush.

In the UK every graduate has a degree from the UK. You are almost similar to all the other graduates, who want to apply for a prestigious graduate scheme. However, outside the UK, British degree becomes your unique asset, which can be successfully sold to the employer. This asset is valuable for the same reasons as British education is famous, if you know what I mean. Apart from having awesome qualifications, you, as an international student, have knowledge of at least one more language, other than English. Language ability is another crucial asset of yours, especially when you have working knowledge of 3 and more languages. Moreover, consider your international communication and travelling experience as an advantage too. There are numerous things that you can include in your CV that other people wouldn’t be able to use. This creates a competitive advantage for you, if you are thinking of working somewhere outside the UK.

Despite the problems in job markets in several countries like the USA or the UK, qualified international graduates have very good career opportunities in other countries, like Russia, China, Nigeria etc. Much depends on the graduates’ willing to work in the particular sphere, of course. Having considered the areas you want to work in and the positions you are interested in, it’s time to evaluate the legal possibilities of working somewhere. Look at the number of countries, where you are allowed to work or where it is relatively easy to get the work permit. These two simple actions will allow an international student to narrow the range of opportunities to more realistic ones.

Once it has been done, you’ll have a list of places, industries and positions that you should start going through. Of course, it might sound too easy right now, but applying a consistent approach to the job search, being proactive and always keeping the spirits high will lead you to finding your own career path. And there is nothing more important than to enjoy what you are doing. I hope these little tips and ideas might be useful for an international graduate looking for a job.

“You never stop earing when you do what you love.”

–         Asha Tyson.


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