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Last night I read an interesting blog post describing the argument of several young mothers. The theme of the argument was the amount of reading their children are doing. One of the mothers was considered lucky, because her son loved reading very much. But others were struggling to understand, how can a child love reading in the age of TV, video games and highly technological toys. This made me think. Although the values, priorities or views have changed, reading still serves as an unbeatable instrument of gaining knowledge.

Unfortunately, every year people read fewer and fewer pages. And the problem is not only the overall tendency to read less. The quality of reading has suffered a lot during the last couple of decades. People do not read classic literature, poetry or scientific articles anymore. It is usually the tabloids of questionable quality, internet sites or cheap narratives that get most of the readership. Instead of spending some time reading a quality book, people (especially younger generations) will choose to watch videos on YouTube or play their X-box.

I’m not saying that reading is the only thing young people should devote their free time to (might be a good idea though). As for me, I try to read at least a little bit every day. Usually, it is an article from some business journal or couple of pages from a nice book. Some days I don’t have time to read, but it is always possible to find these extra 15 minutes to read before going to bed. Moreover, reading is essential for students, as it is a major part of the education process. Such universities as Edge Hill have an enormous collection of resources, where everyone can find something that suits their tastes or requirements.

Although I said that people tend to read less nowadays, there are some positive trends. For example, the use of e-readers can help individuals read more. It’s astonishing how much time we have to waste every day waiting in lines, using public transport or being in a traffic jam. Carrying a cheap e-reader with you can help filling these useless time-wasting moments with the joy of reading. Not only will the time fly faster, but it will be the time invested in your own development. According to the information given by Infographic Labs, people who have e-readers read about 24 books a year, while those who don’t average 15. From my point of view that is a significant difference.

Of course, my thoughts on the topic are not very extensive. But the idea is hopefully clear. In the modern age of media and technology such activity as reading is losing its positions. However, it is possible to change the situation by using the advantages of the technology. Maybe it will help someone to read more and make a contribution to their intellectual capacities.

“A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others”

–         Abraham Lincoln.


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